The Ashera: Would you pay $22,000 for a cat? – Part 3

No, no, and he## no. There is no way I would spend $22,000 dollars for a cat. I wouldn’t pay that much for my husband (ha, ha) let alone a pet, and I’m a animal lover. I have a cat, 3 dogs and a bird, and next on my list is an Iguana or bearded dragon. Look it’s obvious some scientist who had to be high, created this animal in a lab. I read an article in my local paper reporting that I could have my dog cloned in LA for only $40,000 dollars. What is next? Pretty soon we are going to be able to place an order for a pet to our personal specifications. Hey doc! I want my lizard to look like a mythological dragon, or I want a miniature horse with wings so it will look like pegasus. Haven’t these people ever heard of the saying, you don’t mess around with mother nature. One of these days these lab created pets are going to come back on their creator and bite them right on their a##.

People who spend that kind of money on a pet have more money than sense, and ought to be ashamed of their self. They need to take that money, go to the local family shelter and donate it to them, or sponsor a meal for the hungry. Do something meaningful with the money. It is ridiculous. The scientist need to be spending their time creating cures for diseases like cancer, aids, and diabetes. What a waste of intelligence, education, and time.

There are already thousands of unwanted pets being put to sleep every year, why don’t some one give them a home instead of buying a pet somewhere else. Instead of coming up with new breeds take care of the ones we have first. You want a cat, I’ll give you a cat. At my apartment complex alone there are at least 20 cats and kittens who have been abandoned to fend for their selves. If someone wants a pet so bad to love, then give one a home who needs the love. You won’t regret it, rescued pets, after they have adapted to their new homes, end up being the most loving, loyal pet you could have.

Here are some other things to consider before you spend that kind of money on a pet. It is a new breed, so some things about it are not well known or proven facts. For $22,000 dollars what is the life span of this breed? Will it remain alive through out your lifespan? Is its lifespan longer than the common house cat? Is its lifespan longer than a dog? Dose it have any breed inherited health problems? (such as a poor immune system found in rottweilers). Will it require specialized care different than say a Persian cat? Is its diet the same as a regular cats, or will I have to feed it special food? I wouldn’t want to pay $22,000 dollars for something, just for it to pass away in a few years, even in ten years. What about if its diet requirements cost a couple hundred dollars a month? Will it need specialized vet care? There are a lot of questions and research that would need to be done before purchasing a pet of this nature. You have to do enough research before you buy any pet, but even more so when making a major purchase such as this. One very important question to ask, would be what is the temperament of this breed? If your going to spend $22,000 dollars on a pet I am sure you would want it to be affectionate, playful and well mannered toward you, and unfortunately a lot of cats are not that way. They want attention only when they want it, any other time they are off limits. Cats by nature are very independent creatures and can revert back to the wild easily. Not a very good trait in an animal you are paying $22,000 dollars for.

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