The Ashera: Would you pay $22,000 for a cat? – Part 1

The question that quickly pops-up in my mind is: “Why would anyone want to pay $22,000 for a cat?” I’m asking this question for the answer from the average person – not a Paris Hilton.

For people who have more money than God does, they are more interested in superficial competition within their income bracket than they are in caring whether or not a specific purchase actually makes sense. That is one side of this question that would make sense. Some joke that there are cats well-trained, with which you can earn back all the expenses in a day, why not buy one? For their owners, it is possible for them to label their cats with the price of $22,000 in the entertainment industry.

For these folks, the investment makes sense. Otherwise, I cannot visualize the reasons so far why we should pay $22,000 for a cat. I would go to help the multitude of cats living in SPCA cages or being fostered through Humane League homes with the money. Or, I can donate the money to the persons in need, such as the persons in Africa. I can use the money to do something with the charity organizations around with I live. All in all, I will not use this money to buy a cat, if the cat cannot help me to earn the money back.

Even considering the idea of buying a cat with so much money, it makes me feel rather bad. Also, I think that it would require a moral conscience, when there are persons in need of help, for they are starving. Only the persons who love pet cats very much, and they want to get this kind of cat, would consider spending $22,000 for a cat. Not me.

How can I build more building for the persons who is homeless? How can I help the persons who are trapped in snow storms? I have to think of this kind of questions, if there are money that I want to spend on a cat, which is so expensive. And you? I am sure that you are thinking the same way, for we are the persons who love to do some contributions to the comfortable living for human kinds, before we consider making the cats or dogs living more comfortably. The life of human beings should be cherished ahead of the dogs and cats.

When you see a person and a cat trapped in a river, do you want to save the cat or the person, if you can only save one of them?

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