Testimonies: Thanksgiving with a pet cat


By James P. Brown

It all started back in September when I was walking my pug Obi-Wan. I noticed a gray and black cat sleeping on my flower bed. I figured it was lost but soon would find its way back home. As the days, then weeks went by it became apparent that it was a stray cat. Having been told on a number of occasions to be weary of strays I admit that I ignored the cat hoping it would go away on its own. A couple of months later, again while walking my pug, this persistent cat with a shallow meow followed us on our walk. I was becoming more amused than annoyed. The cat would follow us every evening right up to our front door where it would camp out on our doormat. It wasn’t that I was unfeeling, but I was concern because my wife, who is asthmatic, is also allergic to cats. I inquired about the cat’s identity throughout the neighborhood but to no avail – no one knew or no one cared. I left messages with several local animal rescue organizations but no one returned any of my calls.

Finally, Thanksgiving arrived and family came over to our new house (I just moved in July with my wife and 2 children) for the big feast. It was on this day that the structure of my family would change forever. My wife put some turkey and rice in a bowl and I took it outside and placed it in front of the cat. I added some milk in a separate bowl and it was an instant feast for the cat. The next morning half the food was eaten and all the milk was gone. It was then that we decided to bring the cat into our garage. My garage wasn’t overly warm but it beat the harsh snowy elements of the outside. (I never named the cat in fear of getting attached.) I had to educate myself on the behavior of cats and bought a disposable cat litter tray, real cat food and a small toy to occupy her time. In my mind this was a temporary solution to an unresolved problem.

I continued to make calls day after day to pet organizations to inquire about putting the cat up for adoption, but day after day I began to care for the cat I was becoming attached. After nearly two weeks I received a phone call from a local animal rescue organization and scheduled a meeting for the following evening. To say the least my wife and I were relieved that we found an “expert” who can make sure this young one can find a good family and a good home. If I only knew then that the good family and good home was right under my nose.

When I came home the following evening, the young lady from

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