Teaching your dog to come when called

Maria is walking alone holding the lace of her newly brought pet dog and suddenly her mobile started screaming. She stops walking and picks up the mobile from her bag, her grip of dog’s lace is loosening. As if waiting for the opportunity, dog started running on the opposite direction. She yelled at the dog to come. But dog seems to be deaf and keep running in the opposite direction.

This is not the excerpt from some fictitious thriller but the experience of most of the dog owners who has untrained dog. If you want your dog to respond affirmatively to the “come” command, then you have to teach your dog which is quite easy.


First method of teaching

Anyone can use this method of teaching the dog to obey the simple command like “come”. You must have observed that your dog often likes to play with you. While playing with your dog, whenever you see that your dog comes to you, use the word “come”. Let this word sink in to your dog’s brain. Slowly your dog will start associating the word “come” with running towards you. Practice this several time and the word “come” (or any other word if you are not English) become the cue for your dog to stop any activity and run towards you.

Second method of teaching

This method requires the help of your friend or family member. Ask your friend to hold your dog and you move around 5-6 steps forward. Now turn towards your dog and say “come”. After hearing the word “come” your friend will free the dog. Due to instinct, dog will immediately run towards you. When your dog comes to you, don’t forget to give him the treat. You can even pat, hug or kiss your dog. Repeat the same thing but this time your friend will call “come”, now it is your turn to free the dog and slightly pushing the dog towards your friend. When the dog moves towards your friend, your friend also gives treat to your dog. Repeat this several time until you no longer have to push your dog. Now increase the length between you and your dog.

Of course, there are lots of other method of teaching your dog to come when called, but these are the most simplest and effective method any dog owner can use.

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