Teaching your child about proper dog care

All children want a pet. From the smallest of toddlers to the uncooperative teen. It is easy to get your child a pet, but it isn’t easy teaching them the responsibilities of caring for their pet. It is best to start out early in your child’s life, teaching him or her that their pet deserves their utmost attention. The pet deserves to live a life that is not Dependant on trying to fend for itself. A pet, no matter how large or how small, depends on its owner to take care of it. They need to be fed and watered on a regular basis. They shouldn’t have to beg to to let you know that they need fed and watered. They have needs just as humans do. They also need love and attention. It is easy to love a puppy, but you must remember that all things grow up. A adult animal needs just as much love and attention as does a puppy. In fact a adult dog probably needs more. Animals have feelings just as you and I do. They can feel neglected and unwanted just as we do. The child that gets a new pet must have daily responsibilities to care for the pet, from the first day it comes to live with you. If you get them in the habit of caring for the pet from day one it will be easier for them to continue for the life of the pet. There are also other responsibilities that your child can be taught the older the child becomes. Such as the monthly health care issues. You can show your child how this is done, and he will learn, and after a few months of supervised doing, he or she will be ready to take care of these matters themselves. Teaching these thing to your child will make him or her a more responsible adult, and just maybe they will pass it on to their own children. Please remember to start early and keep stressing the importance of pet care.

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