Teaching your cat not to be a predator – Part 7

I know that we have domesticated our animals for our personal enjoyment, but we cannot take the instinct away from anything. That one sentence says it all but if I must explain it in simpler terms so be it. First off, one cannot expel an inborn instinct unless one resorts to abuse. Training against an instinct can be seen as brainwashing, or in human terms, an occult.

I’ll digress in this paragraph to ask a simple question. Are cats the most fun when chasing something? They purr and can be loving but when you tease them with a string are they not entertainment for as long as you want? Secondly, why would anyone want to squelch them from their inherent tendency?

If I were to cater to this article and its title I should be no less than an animal abuser and I’m pretty surprised to see it even questioned. This comes from a former cat hater turned cat lover. One Siamese changed my whole attitude. Then another black one, both with such a sweet demeanor and attitude and loving toward anything I did with them. To change their attitude toward their instinct would be regarded as kitty slavery.

Cats will do what they were born to do just as we humans were born to do. The flaw in the whole topic itself is that cats are not as intelligent as the superior race such as humans. We could ask the question, “teaching man to remain monogamous”, and I’m sure that would get much more angry response.

Why don’t we ask how we can make a Corvette go slow or a dog not to bark. How about we ask a starving human not to eat or a college frat boy not to drink a beer. Let’s just go against the grain of everything someone seems to know as to what their true being is. Seriously, did Michael Vick make this topic up?

In case you didn’t know, cats are independents, they won’t be taught a damn thing and I love them for it. They can hear and understand certain words like food, water, and “Go skeetum” (if you use the correct tone) and that’s about it. I theorize that the typical cat is about 4 years old as compared to human emotional maturity, give or take with some. I have found that some breeds are smarter than others but as far as training against being allured by flying objects, forget about it. As a kid I watched Tom and Jerry cartoons whereby Tom was constantly getting “mouse tricked” by Jerry. Why would anyone want to quell Tom’s attitude in something as funny as that anyway? It’s just going to happen, the cats love something, heck, anything moving and it’s fun to watch. You have to believe that when they are watching something that they are truly focused and nothing will stand in their way of getting it.

Of course I’m being humorous in the whole issue, why not have some fun. Now go tease the cat a while with a shoe string…

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