Teaching your cat not to be a predator – Part 2

Cats are not as prolific at catching birds as has been suggested. However it does happen. There are some ways that this can be discouraged, or at least reducing the possibility of it happening.

It is possible to purchase a cat bib. The bib interferes with the cat’s ability to be able to hunt efficiently. The bib does not restrict the cat from any other of its normal activities, such as climbing trees, playing in the grasses etc., in fact it only stops the pouncing for the bird. In addition the colour of the bib warns the bird.

Another way to prevent the catch being a successful predator is to attach a collar with a small bell on it. This pre-warns the animal that is being pursued.

Indoors the problem, if you have a bird or fishes as pets, is more difficult. You need to ensure that these other pets. To do this you need to encourage the cat to desist from attacking them. This can be done by using a cat repellent spray. Alternatively, there are ultrasonic devises that can be used to train cat to stay away from a certain area of the house.

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