Teaching your cat not to be a predator – Part 1

The short and simple answer to this question is No.

An earlier article on this site examined the potential for training cats and many contributors were in agreement that, cats could indeed be trained, in some respects. Unfortunately, this does not include curbing their basic instincts.

All cats are predators. The only difference in this respect between any wild cat and your little pussy-cat is that yours does not have to depend on his hunting prowess for survival. Nevertheless, the instinct is still there, and all cats will attempt to hunt when the opportunity arises.

What seems to horrify people more than anything, is a cat’s way of bringing a bird etc that it has just killed into the house, and if possible, laying it at it’s owners feet. Here again, the cat is merely demonstrating natural behaviour.

Luckily, most domesticated cats are notoriously bad predators and usually only manage a successful kill, either by luck or because their prey was old or weak. If your cat is one of those that is more successful at hunting, you will just have to accept it – either that or confine your cat to the house, which I think would be tantamount to cruelty in this situation,

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