Teaching Object Recognition to Your Dog: Naming Objects with clicker training

Learn step by step how to teach your dog how to recognize two different objects by name. Naming Objects with clicker training. This method can be used when teaching toy names, people, agility obstacles, service objects, assistance objects etc. Not sure what is up with the high tone of my voice when giving the cues, but at least I am consistent throughout the video! That’s what so great about videotaping yourself-you see things you otherwise don’t see! Since I made this video, I have received comments from other trainers with experience in teaching object recognition. I have added their suggestions in boxes as the video plays out. Be very patient with your dog as it It can take as many as 2000 repetitions for a dog to learn the name of an object since using words as nouns does not come naturally to dogs. Keep your training sessions short and fun! It takes alot of concentration to learn this concept.

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