Teaching lights -dog tricks clicker training

Splash and Kiko were trained to turn the light switches on and off using Free Shaping. In this video I wanted to show that you can use Luring to achieve complex behaviors in a rapid amount of time. Tug already has the skills of fading a lure and adding a verbal cue under his belt. But I have to say that all this footage was taken from a single training session of 10 minutes long. When using free shaping getting to this same level with the two behaviors of “push” and “off”- it took a few more training sessions and I found it harder with dogs that liked to retrieve as they would keep offering trying to put the light switch in their mouth like a dumbell. Hope you have fun with this one! The key is to keep raising criteria quickly!!! DONT get trapped on the luring stage!!! The luring stage should only last a couple of minutes until your dog is reliably making sweeping movements to confidently turn the switch on and off. See you next time!

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