Teaching children the responsibility of caring for pets – Part 9

As with most things pet care is a chore, so to get your child to do it more willingly, make it fun for both the kids and the pets. giving the family dog a bath was not much fun but i recall my mother’s solution, she would fill a small plastic pool (like the ones you buy at Wal-mart) with water and tell us all to jump in. Our family dog loved playing with us in the pool so it was no big leap for mom to just give us 6 kids some shampoo and tell us to pet the dog, well 6 kids and a big wet dog got real sudsy real fast and with a little spray from the garden hose Mom would have 6 clean kids and a better smelling dog.

Feeding time at our house with 6 kids, 14 rabbits, 6 cats, a pony, and a bottle calf, plus a whole flock of chickens, geese, ducks and a turkey or two, was hectic to say the least. But mom never had a shortage of helpings hands to take care of the chores. my mother sat us all down and explained how the responsibility of taking care of our animals was the things that we had to do to have the joy that our animals brought us everyday we were blessed to have their company. We all enjoyed our animal friends very much, and we were more than happy to make sure that our pets were happy and in good health building compassion and responsibility, for well rounded adults.

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