Teaching children the responsibility of caring for pets – Part 5

Having a pet in the family will help develop good values in children. This is one way to teach children to be responsible and caring. Involving children in pet care activities make them understand how important it is to take good care of the pet; that the life of the pet is dependent on how they are taken care of.

Children will learn the responsibility by watching other people take care of the pet. They will study how adults react when a dog barks excessively and if a pet causes damage to furniture. The latter could be frustrating for parents especially if what is scratched is a piece of furniture which is really cherished. Children will be very observant on how parents handle this type of situation.

Explaining to children why you are doing certain things will help them understand pet care activities. This will eventually develop their traits in being responsible not just for the pet but for other living things as well.

Negotiation, compromise, and motivation with regard to the chores involved in taking care of a pet should be done with children. Feeding and watering the pet could be done by the child. The cleaning of the pet should be done by parents until such time when the child gets to know how it is properly done. A pet chart will be useful in monitoring if the children are doing the task assigned to them. Rewards can be given if they are able to complete the chores for the whole week.

The continuous guidance of a parent is very important while the child goes through the process of learning how to be responsible for a pet.

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