Teach your cat to fetch – Part 2

A cat can learn the tradition of “fetching” with a few simple guidelines. If you throw a cat toy across the room and wait triumphantly for your cat to go get it, you’ll be waiting a very long time. Staring into the glassy gaze of a feline who has absolutely no interest in chasing a toy can be frustrating for the cat enthusiast. That is why cat training must be done strategically. It requires patience, total devotion, and time.

The first step in training a cat to fetch is to find a toy that the cat is interested in. A toy with catnip, brightly colored, or with a desirable sound attached to it will encourage the cat to chase after it. Next, the owner must give the cat motivation to chase the toy, such as a cat treat for the effort, or praise and affection. The cat will chase after a toy that it believes is trying to get away. So, the best way to handle the situation is to keep the toy just out of the cat’s reach. This will allow for the cat’s attention to be focused, and the toy to be the main goal.

Once the cat focuses on the target, the owner can practice the game with the cat to establish learned behavior. With enough incentive, and the correct amount of praise, a cat can learn the art of fetching just as well as any dog. It does not come as naturally to the cat as it does the dog, but it definitely is possible. I have had multiple cats learn this skill.

Along with teaching your cat to fetch, there are other tricks to teaching a cat. Try putting a catnip-filled toy on the end of a string and tying it to a doorknob. This provides the cat hours of entertainment, while giving you a break from training. This trick will enable the cat to leap for a toy on cue, as it has practiced on the doorknob countless times. I use this with my cats, and it is hilarious to see the cats leaping straight into the air to reach the desired target. Then, when you utilize the training to fetch, the cat is already used to the skill of chasing.

There are many techniques to use in the training of a cat. The skill of playing fetch can be taught to the average feline. The owner has many strategies to use, but the most important strategy is patience. Once the cat understands the goal, it should be fairly easy to teach the skill. Then, it’s downhill from there! The average cat takes less than a day to learn the art of fetching, which makes this skill one of the easiest of all. It took my cat about ten minutes to figure out what to do, and with a little patience, your cat can learn how to successfully fetch a cat toy too!

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