Teach your cat to fetch

Yes you can teach your cat to fetch. You will find that cats enjoy fetching as much as dogs once you start training them. In fact you have an advantage when teaching your cat to fetch. Cats love to pounce, jump, chase things and just generally love to play. If you don’t joined them they will playfully occupy themselves. To have them fetch and do tricks you will have to spend time playing with them but it can happen pretty fast as soon as they get the idea that this is a great game. Here are some tips to get your cat to fetch,

Don’t try to teach your cat,

The rule of thumb when training cats to fetch is not to train it! If you force the issue you will end up being disappointed and frustrated. Get down to your cats level and start by throwing little things that catches your cat’s eye. Don’t expect miracles right away, it will take some time and patience. Watch your cat’s movements as you interact with it. Always use praise and lots of it.

Paper will be more useful than play toys,

You can spend as much as you like on toys for your cat but a crumpled up piece of paper works wonders. The paper makes a crinkling noise which will certainly get your cats attention. It is light weight and can be picked up by your cat with ease. Roll it into a ball and by now you should be getting your cat’s full attention. Roll the paper quickly and with enthusiasm while talking to your kitty.

Play with the paper yourself,

Take the paper and roll it between your hands with enough force that the paper makes a noise. This will be making a noise that will get your cat very interested. This is when you can play on your cat’s curiosity. Has soon as you start rolling that paper your cat will come to see where the noise is coming from. If you don’t want to use paper try to avoid using anything with catnip. You will not get their full attention if they smell catnip.

Now it’s time for the first lesson.

While still rolling the paper slowly place it on the floor and give it a little nudge. Your cat will respond by pouncing on it. This is a good sign. Whirl your paper around in a circle and keep your cats attention. The second time you let it go you may not get it back your cat may start batting it around the room but this is what you want. Another trick that may work for you is attach the paper to a long string and throw it. Pull it back slowly until the cat reaches you. there is a little draw back with this method. When i tried this with our cat she opted to play with the string but

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