Taking the best possible care of your dog – Part 2

A dog isn’t just for Christmas it’s for life.

Dogs have been known for a while to be a humans best friend. They give us unconditional love, loyalty, friendship, protection from danger and confidence. So its our job to look after them, as their owner.

Caring for a dog is a big responsibility. A dog needs love, care and attention. All dogs need walking at least twice a day to stay healthy , fed (amount depends on the dog), given something to drink (water) change the water twice a day at the least. Bathing and grooming a dog is important because it keeps the dog clean and stops them from getting fleas. Also grooming (brushing) your dog will help you bond with it because if the dog was in the wild its mother would groom it, by licking them and snuggling up to them, so you represent its mother by cleaning it.

The best thing to do so your dog get returned to you if it ever got lost is: Collar your dog and attach an ID to it with the dog’s name, your name, address, and telephone number. These tags are a great help when a dog gets lost to take them home safely.

If you do not want to breed the dog, get it neutered, which is just a routine surgery. It helps your dog to live longer, be healthier and have fewer behaviour problems.

Trained dogs behave better and share greater bonding with their owners. Use positive reinforcement training techniques to train the dog also it involves excercise for the dog and owner which would be good for both owner and dog.

Be as loyal and faithful to your canine as you expect him to be to you. Any persistent behaviour problems should be brought to the notice of your veterinarian.

If you go away never leave your dog alone take it to a kennels or give it to a trusted relative that you know will look after your dog properly . There are lots of boarding kennels around so there is no excuse to leave your dog alone for more than a working day without revisiting and looking after it.

If you are thinking of buying a puppy i would ask you to consider either buying one from a registered breeder or go and visted your local authority rescue centre for dogs and you may find the loving companion you’ve wanted who will stick with you all your life.

If anything changes rapidly in your dogs behaviour, appetite or stamina just ring the vets and see what they think you should do.

As long as you do all of these things and more if needed your dog will be happy and enjoying it life. They will love you as long as you do the same to them. So i wish a happy life to you and your dog.

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