Former Stray Cat walking on a leash Give strays/homeless cats a chance. They are very special.

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This is John Jr and my dog Chunk. John Jr was rescued from my job site in November 2008. Chunk was adopted in 2004. I wanted to teach John Jr how to walk on a leash because I wanted him to be able to go outside and be safe at the same time. I was also motivated to teach him so I can show people that a stray cats can learn just like anyother cat. I noticed a lot of leash trained cats are expensive Bengals. I’m very proud of John Jr. He’s a great example of how special stray cats really are. I think its a shame so many people see these guys as outcasts. Well people look at how smart my abandoned cat is =) On a side not thats my Pitbull mix Chunk. Him and John Jr are buds and I’m proud of Chunk. He’s a great example of how sweet Pitbulls/pitmixes can really be.

Scary Dog / German Shepherd trained to Smile

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Kia the German Shepherd Dog Showing her Teeth – – – – – Original part 1 2 3 4 5 6 video cat dog husky mishka talking lion fighting tiger vs bear fights wolf fight ape attacks monkey best national geographic sharks whales shark whale worlds biggest smallest ever big meanest fastest fast graphic video eating smartest snake wolf wolves zibra giraffe goat pig cow sheep chicken rooster penguin monster werewolf squirrel rabbit deer mama baby mother father babies Golden Retriever Black Lab Top 10 Breeds Good Bad

Weekly Dog Walk Around – Dog Care 101

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This is a general dog walk around; just a weekly check up on your canine. This brief and quick check can possible save your dog’s life. It will give you an edge over problems that will arise. The main two things that will be tell tale signs are the gums and eyes of your dog. I hope you enjoy the video and feel free to ask any questions.

LOCAL 15 EXCLUSIVE: Training Dogs to Fight?

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A (in my personal opinion, TOTALLY BS) local report on some idiots who don’t know what the hell they’re doing with dramatic overtones making it seem like the dogs are being trained to fight. I think the guys are just idiots who don’t know how to properly work/condition a dog, but without an “ulterior motive” like the (dumb) woman in the video says. Here’s the link to the article: The article reads: (MOBILE, Ala.) – LOCAL 15 News is investigating a shocking incident that happened at a local park. It involves pit bulls, the dangerous activity their owners were putting them through and some serious questions about the purpose of it all. They’re thrown into the water, sometimes upside down, then forced to swim to shore over and over again. All the while, the pit bulls are forced to wear heavy chains around their necks. It’s a Friday afternoon on Dog River at Lusher Park. After observing this behavior, we call police and walk over to find out what’s going on. “What are y’all doing with the dogs?” asked Ramey. “We’re taking ’em swimming,” replies the owner Josh Bendolf. “Those chains look heavy around their necks,” said Ramey. “It ain’t but a 20 pound chain,” replied Bendolf. But their responses only prompt more questions. “So you’re just trying to exercise them or what?” asked Ramey. “We’re trying to get their legs strengthened up,” replied Bendolf. “Why do you need to do that? Why do you need to strengthen their legs?” asked Ramey. “So they won’t have to

Dogmantics Dog Training TV Episode 2: Pitbulls

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About this Dogmantics episodes highlighted expert: Jessica Wheatcraft Jessica has worked with shelter dogs for over 8 years. She turned her love of dogs into a career and is a certified dog trainer with Whole Dog Training in San Diego, CA. Check out their website at….

Pit Bull Blues by John Shipe

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I hope that you enjoy Pit Bull Blues by John Shipe which is easily the best song about pit bulls that I have ever heard. Like most people, I did not know what great dogs pit bulls are until recently. As my friend Dog Man says “It is not the dog, but the owner that is the problem and pit bulls are not for everyone.” Featuring: John Shipe – Singer and Songwriter – song available at http Brix and Honey – red nosed pit bulls Special guest appearances by: Roo and Wallace – (taped by Joshua Grenell) Helen and PitBull Sharky – http Coach Steve Lang and Big Boy Linda Blair – Also appearing Amy Wray (provided additional footage) Jennie Wong – Fetch! Pet Care of LA South Bay John Tinio – Fetch! Pet Care of LA South Bay Joshua Salinas – Fetch! Pet Care of LA South Bay Angelica Fleiss Zoey Attendees at Dog Man’s free pit bull training / socialization class at the LA Coliseum. Directed by Jeff Fleiss PIT BULL BLUES by John Shipe People see me walking down the street they all run and hide. I used to take it personally now I take it in strides. I got nothing against no one I wouldn’t hurt a fly. People seem to think I’m mean and here’s why, and here’s why I’m a pitbull, a big brown red nose pitbull, a tooth baring muscle bound pitbull I look like I can tear the seal off a loco motive freight train. People park three spaces away when I’m waiting in the car. All the kids in the neighborhood they never walk through my yard

How to Train a Dog and a Cat to Stand UP!

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So, the answer how I got my cat to stand up was — a DOG FOOD on a spoon!! An Amazing Cat Standing Up – the snowshoe Cat Max-Arthur!!! Pit Bull Sharky copied my cat Max-Arthur and learned how to stand up and lick like a kitty!!! Music by: (my cousin) Lauri Sommer “ikkagi” Kago FREE to Listen here: Let’s Be Friends!!! SHARKY::: pitbullsharky (at) HELEN: MAX-ARTHUR::: **** How to Train a Dog to Stand Up Instructions: 1. Stand along side of your dog while she is laying down. Gently slide your hand under her belly until she goes to stand up. As soon as she starts moving, give the command “stand.” 2. Praise her with enthusiasm, after she is fully standing, saying “good girl. stand.” Repeat this several times until she learns to stand when you say the word without having to put your hand under her. 3. Approach your dog while she is sitting and hold a treat in your hand where she can see it. 4. Take a couple of steps backwards holding the treat at nose level. Your dog should stand up to move towards the treat. 5. Give the command “stand” as soon as the dog starts to get up. After she is completely standing tell her “good girl, stand” and give her the treat. 6. Practice the stand from a sit using the treat several times and then try giving the command without the treat in your hand. Back up

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