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Why must an elderly pet dog be catered for with any less care than a human? When a dog has reached this stage of it’s life, like humans they may still be well, but have lost all their teeth. Food then would have to be taken into great consideration, as well as diet. If they must be hand fed, even a large syringe (without the needle,) helps; with liquid food supplement prepared for an elderly dog, or liquid and water to drink.

Seemingly minor ‘just not well’ days due to any elderly problem, adds a weariness, which no soul who has spent a life, does not feel. With this slowing down of their body, so does their metabolism. When it comes to diet, this is of prime importance. Being aware of which and what foods are best, is to seek the vets advise, as they will be able to guide and be there if required. Always make sure there is lots of fresh water for drinking. Add a pinch of salt and a little glucose to aid dehydration.

Being aware also of their toilet, also tells of the diet. Some become incontinent, just as an elderly human. Love cleans up after a child whose been sick, or cannot reach the toilet, so do the same without creating fear, for your elderly pet. Fiber helps; add a little raw bran to their food, for constipation. Love also cleans a pet also if called for.

Extra care is required if the pet dog is elderly and suffering with joint pain – arthritis – causing need for gentle exercise, massage, and even pain relief. A dog, knows what grass to eat when unwell, even when a human cannot say from what. Problems grow with conditions, including ‘over or under weight’. Diabetic, heart, kidneys, and thirst is sometimes seemingly unquenchable.

There should at all times have veterinary care, and any medications used with help and knowledge. Nursing is not always due to illness, but lack of a functioning body. Some dogs loose their hearing, others their eye-sight. Think and act how you would feel, and do for them likewise.

The Internet offers web-sites of vets on hand, to be of aid, as well as seeking further advice. All of these things matter when it comes to your elderly pet dogs diet and requirements. Even a long distance phone call to a vet – and then via distant help – medications or supplements can be sent via mail, if called for.

Think of what you would want for yourself under the same circumstance as your poor elderly pet dog, and treat it with the same love and concern as you would need for yourself. Feeding in any form, is their life and will to live, and your’s to give. Keep an eye on their needs and well being at all times.

They can’t just ‘come to you’ as they once did, with tail wagging. Our pet beloved dogs are just in another body. Feed their aching soul too with every word of encouragement, and let them know, you are ‘right there’ for them.

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