Extreme Cat and Dog Fight

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Dog attacks cat

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Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 63

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A cat makes a better pet, because cats have that home feeling and that soft touch to your home, they are friendly and cuddly, and as dogs they can be too hyperactive.

Also a cat is safer for your family and children because cats tend to like a lot of attention and children love them but if children gave a dog a lot of attention, they can get annoyed and bite or getting viscous.

As far as I’m afraid I’ve heard too many stories of people being bitten by their dogs and go to hospital and yet you never hear bad stories like these happen from cats.

I have got cats myself and I believe they are best for family homes; you can cuddle and pat them all the time and also you feel safe with them around you.

Cats can bring a lot of happiness to people’s lives and the comfort that cats bring.

I know a lot of old people have cats because when these old people are lonely they have a cat with them, its like their new best friend and same with children, they can be a pet that can stay by you all day as they tend to sleep a lot especially next to you or on you.

Cats have cleaner fur than dogs; dogs can actually bring a smell around the house, as cats are very clean because they wash themselves by licking their fur and paws.

Cats are easy to toilet train, it only takes them a few weeks but a dog can take ages or may never work for it to be toilet trained, it takes great difficulty.

Cats are wonderful creatures; they always bring a smile to peoples faces and bring that love and compassion to people’s hearts.

Its like when ever you need to feel a comfort in your home, its best to have a cat, even studies have shown that cats can make people feel safer in their own home and that because cats sleep a lot, they bring that relaxing, sleeping mood to people as well, it gives the tend for people to relax and enjoy.

What would you do if you did get a dog, and it started to become vicious which can easily happen, its their instinct, and that can become danger to your family especially your children why risk it, cats are better and softer.

That’s why a cat is a better pet than a dog.

Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 64

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It is my opinion that a dog makes a much better pet than a cat. I have owned both and have never developed the close relationship and affection for a cat that is very easy to develop for a dog.

I believe that both pets have their place in the hearts of people. I also believe that cats are better suited to the personalities of some people. I, however, am not one of those people. A cat gives the impression, in most circumstances, that you are of no real consequence in it’s life. They act as though you are a servant and that your only real purpose is to provide sustenance and the occasional rub. Now, I know that this is a “stereotypical” statement and that there are cats that go against the grain but for the most part this has been my experience with the ones I have met. A dog, on the other hand, acts as though their entire world revolves around you and your family. They love with their entire bodies. I have never seen a cat that could do this. When a dog loves you, they just shake and tremble when they see you, as though they just can’t contain themselves. I have even had some that lost control of their bladders they were so excited. A cat sees you and they saunter past without even another glance.

A dog can easily provide comfort and a sense of well-being by their mere presence. I have heard people that criticize the fact that dogs are so dependent and needy, but isn’t that why most people want a pet? To have someone to depend on them and need them? Dogs also have a wonderful way of “wearing their hearts on their sleeves” so to speak. If a dog doesn’t like you, you know it. A cat will sense that you don’t cats and go out of their way to jump in your lap and wrap themselves around your legs, knowing that they don’t like you any more than you like them. A dog, on the other hand, will sense that you don’t like them and snarl right back at you and most likely avoid you.

Now, I know that there are many that say, with a cat, you don’t have to worry about being attacked and seriously injured. I will admit that a large dog can do some serious damage to a person if it decides to attack but then again, if a cat could attain the size and strength of, let’s say, a Pit Bull or a Rottwieller, then they too could do equal damage. I don’t think it is fair to blame the dog just because God chose to make them larger than the average house cat.

In conclusion, I personally prefer dogs to cats and think they make better pets due to their more overt loving and enthusiastic personalities. They provide the feeling of being needed and also fulfill the need for love in people. They are loyal and devoted.

I have an almost six year old daughter who has been begging for a dog for several years now and I just hope that she gets to experience the love and devotion of a dog very soon. Some of the best years of my life were shared with two of the best dogs in the world.

What to do if your pets dont get along

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Managing a household of pets when one of them doesn’t get along with the other animals can be quite a challenge. How can you ensure that your new dog will get along with your old pets? Or how can you make your old pets welcome your new dog gracefully?

1. Choose a Friendly Breed

If you have many pets at home, choosing a friendly, playful breed with ensure peace in your house. On the other hand, your poor cat might have a tough time if you bring home a breed of dog that has been trained for generations to hunt small furry animals. So, select a friendly breed.

2. Keep the Dog on a Leash during the First Introduction

Your life will be easier if your dog knows the basic commands of “sit,” “stand,” “down,” or “come here.” If he doesn’t, you should teach him at the earliest possible. You will find it easier to manage a trained dog in a house with many pets.

In any case, keep your dog on a leash when you first introduce him to your old cat or dog or any other pet. If your new dog grabs your cat or your ferret and shakes them even in play, he could easily kill these little creatures.

3. Closed Door Technique

You are lucky if your dog gets along with your other pets at the first meeting. If not, try the closed door technique. Confine your new dog to a separate room, along with his bedding and bowl. When you feed the dog, feed the other pets too on the other side of the door. The idea is to get the animals to associate each others’ smell with something they love a lotfood. However, don’t place the bowls too close to the door because too strong a scent can upset them.

Every day, move the bowls closer to the door. One day, you can open the door slightly and let the animals see each other as they feed. This technique usually helps pets to become friendlier.

4. Exchange Sleeping Areas

Confine your other pets and let your dog explore their sleeping areas. Later, you can confine your dog and let your other pets explore your dog’s sleeping area. The idea is to familiarize the animals with each others’ scents.

5. Give Them More to Smell

Rub your other pets with a small blanket or rug and place it beneath your dog’s feeding bowl. This enables your dog to associate your other pets’ scent with something as pleasant as eating.

6. Exchange Toys And Blankets

Let your dog play with toys belonging to your other pets. Give your dog’s ball or any other toy to your other pets. This will help them enjoy sharing their things with each other, and of course, associate each other’s scents with something delightful.

7. Never Scold Your Dog

Never scold your dog for behaving badly with any of your other pets. He will learn to associate the unpleasant experience with your other pets. If this happens, he may never become friendly with them.

Playing referee to a couple of animals that can’t get along is not an easy job. Moreover, animals can easily get injured in a fight. So, if none of the above tips work, it is time to get professional help.

Training your cat is possible! – Part 2

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It is a fact that most people think that training is mostly for dogs. Therefore, nobody even usually gives training a cat a thought. You may have previously tried to teach your cat a few tricks but then you may have ultimately given up as soon as your cat gave you that stare like as saying “Dude, you got something seriously wrong here, I ain’t no dog”.

Well, you may be delighted to learn that cats can be trainable. It takes a slightly different approach to train cats but it can be ultimately accomplished. Cats are very intelligent creatures, they may turn a deaf ear to your commands but it is very likely because they simply do not want to do what you are asking them to do rather than not being able to understand your request.

It is true though that some cats are more trainable than others. As a general rule cats with a high food drive are more eager to learn. These are those cats that would do almost anything at the sight of food!

Here are a few tricks you can teach your cat:

-To fetch. Some cats are natural fetchers. Toss a toy, say “fetch” and the cat will very likely grab it. Now call your cat to you. When the cat comes to you take the toy and give a treat. The trick is to give a treat every time the cat fetches and ignore every time that cat does nothing.

-To give paw. Have your cat sit down. Show a treat and say “Paw”. Lift the cat’s paw and give treat. Do this several times. Then try to just slightly touch the paw. If the cat lifts the paw give treat. Keep trying until the cat will automatically give the paw.

-To stand up. Put a treat above the cat’s head and let the cat stand up. Say ‘Stand Up’ and once your cat is on two feet give the treat.

As seen cats can be trained. So next time that snob dog owner comes around telling you that cats are not trainable, brag about your cat and show the tricks he has been able to accomplish. Worse case scenario, should you cat fail to learn anything at all, tell the dog owner that your cat has been trained to a level of trainability that no dog has ever accomplished; litter box training!

Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 19

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It’s time to choose a pet, but which is better: a cat or dog? Both have their advantages, but which is truly best? Deciding depends mainly on the person and their personality. However, overall, the better pet to choose is a cat, unless of course you have cages full of mice and birds.


Cats are well known for being extremely independent. You can leave them a clean litter box, food, and water and they’re fine by themselves. Dogs, on the other hand, can’t be left alone very long at all. Cats know how to occupy themselves, while dogs’ activities depend mainly upon the owner.

With a cat, you don’t have to worry about finding someone to pet sit while you’re away or even while you’re off at work. You can easily take a few days vacation and your cat will be just fine. Even if you just need a few hours alone, a cat will be happy doing something in another room.

Needy pets may seem like fun at first, but after a while they can get rather annoying. Independent pets like the cat are easier to care for because they know how to take care of themselves.

~Better with Others

You don’t have to worry about your cat attacking your friends and family when they visit. Honestly, how many stories have you heard about a domestic cat attacking and killing a child? This is because a cat will either like someone or they won’t. Instead of attacking, they simply go their own way. Plus, if a cat starts to have an attitude, it’s easy to pick up a five pound cat and put it in another room.

Cats also tend to get along with other animals and people easier than dogs. A cat is naturally curious, which leads them to start relationships with others in order to learn more about them. Curiosity isn’t such a bad thing after all.

~Easier to Keep Indoors

Many dogs have to be kept outdoors. Even some small dogs are so hyper that you have no choice but to find some way to keep them outside most of the time. Cats on the other hand are usually perfectly happy indoors. When a cat is kept indoors, there are fewer health problems and the cat is much safer.

Give a cat a place of their own, even if it’s just a small area, and they will be content to be kept inside. Since cats are small, they have no problem finding places to place indoors.


As independent as cats are, they are also extremely loyal and lovable. Cats love to curl up in your lap or in bed with you. They also enjoy playing with their owners. A string or ball of paper will keep you and your cat occupied for hours. Since both of you have your own lives, you will both thoroughly enjoy the time you spend together. Cats have no problem showing you how much they care without driving you crazy.

Cats are overall the better pet over a dog. Cats are loving, independent, and get along with others better. What more could you ask for in a pet?

Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 40

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What makes a better pet? Well really there is no simple answer to this debate, as it depends on what you like, whether you are away from home for much of the day and what you want from a pet. For some people a dog is more suited to their life or their personality for others it will be a cat.

However putting that aside I would say a dog makes the best pet. Why ?

Firstly I think dogs interact much more with humans. Cats are very independent, they like to do their own thing, they wander around outside by themselves and only come home when they want fed. On the other hand a dog is much more loyal, it will do things to please you and get your attention. A well trained dog will hang on your every word – a cat will not.

Secondly a dog is a good thing to have if you want to keep fit or just get outside for fresh air. Its great company on a walk, and I know I feel safer walking at night when I have my big dog beside me. Now I know you can take a cat for a walk, I have seen people doing this, but I don’t think cats take too kindly to leads and you will raise a few eyebrows as you wander past with your cat on a lead! So dogs are a better pet if you want to improve your health and your lifestyle.

Thirdly I prefer a cat to a dog because if I had a cat I would worry about it being outside on its own. So many cats go missing, due to being knocked down or being caught by foxes. At least when you have a dog and its on a lead you know where it is and you don’t have the same worry. I know you can get cats and have them as house cats but a cat really is meant to roam, thats what they do, its part of their make-up and they often get bored and destructive if left alone in a house all day.

You can teach a dog tricks and play games with it, you cant really do the same with a cat. A dog will play games with you for ages, a cat meanwhile will get bored and stroll away.

A dog is a great companion, its more loving and more giving whilst a cat is more taking. A dog is more predictable a cat meanwhile can change its personality if its not happy and all of a sudden lash out at you with a sharp claw, a dog is more unlikely to do this.

If you go on holiday you can take your dog with you, its much harder to take a cat with you to a holiday cottage. If you leave them with friends a dog will happy live in someone elses house, a cat on the other hand will not.

For me a dog will always win over a cat. They are great company, loyal friends, great with all the family and will always be mans best friend!

Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 78

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Which Is The Better Pet, Dog Or Cat?

This is a tough question to answer since there is no right or wrong. The answer lies in the person wanting the pet. I, myself, have both but if it were necessary to choose, it would be the dog that had a home with me.

I like a pet that will forgive me for my failings and love me even if I don’t have a can of cat food in my hand.

I live in the country, so a good mouser is a must. My cats keep the mice out of my house and the gophers out of my garden. They come in to eat and then go back outside to chase whatever moves in the brush. They do stop to cuddle on my lap occasionally but not often.

This also means that I can have really big dogs. We have at this time, two Labs, two Black and Tan Coon Hounds and one Bloodhound. The Bloodhound is my house pet even though she is pushing a hundred pounds and drools. She was hit by a car when she was younger and living in a nearby city. This left her with some physical limitations. When the woman that owned her at the time realized she could not care for her any longer, she sent the dog to live with me.

I wouldn’t trade her for a million dollars. She has given me so many good times. I am constantly laughing at her antics. The extra skin that frames her face when her nose is to the ground makes her look comedic. Her long soft ears and floppy lips are usually damp with slobber but with daily cleaning we manage to keep her looking and smelling pretty good. She always has time for a good behind-the-ear scratching.

We rotate the other two hounds, keeping one in the house so the Bloodhound has someone to play with, and the other will take his or her turn in the kennel. This way they all get lots of attention and feel like they are part of the family.

The two Labs don’t come in to often because I could never get them housetrained. They live outside in their kennels and the kids spend time with them everyday. They are not my favorite breed since they have too much energy to be inside and they chew on everything. They also bark at anything that moves whether it be real or in their imaginations.

Yes, you guessed it, I love my hounds. They make the best pets. They’re quiet, calm and loving as well as just plain funny. They are a ton of laughs.

I guess if I had to say which makes the better pet, I would have to say hound dogs are my favorites. If I lived in an apartment somewhere, I would have to say a cat is better because I really don’t care for little dogs. Large dogs need space and the city or amall apartment is no place for them.

So, like I said at the beginning, there is no right or wrong answer. It all depends on the person’s situation and what they want out of a pet.

Home Remedy for Pet Care

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If you have a pet and are finding the costs for them too much there is an easy way of cutting them down to a minimum. There are some very simple home remedies for pet care, you can learn them and care for your pet yourself. There are no more expensive vet cost because you know the home remedies.

Vet fees can range from a small $40 to a huge $5000 dependant on what treatment your pet needs. There are some cases where by you need not pay the vet fees, no, instead you could learn some home remedies for pet care and treat your pet yourself.

I know that if our dog broke its leg or had an internal infection we would not be able to pay the high costs which are charged by a vet, instead we have come to learn how we can care for our dog ourselves. A simple sore on the skin of your animal is an easy problem to solve and there are e-books out and around where you can find out about these home remedies for pet care.

There are many resources around where you can find some of these home remedies, there are books and cds which will show you exactly what to do for your dog, cat or horse or any other pet you may have. These resources are not expensive however can be picked up very cheaply, if you have any queries I have a website where I can be contacted and you may ask me sny questions you may have. There is a lot more information on my blog so please click the link below and find out lots more information.


It is possible to treat your pet with some easy home remedies which will cut your vet costs down, you can also spend more money on giving your pet what it deserves, love!


Home Remedies For Pet Care

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