Dogmantics Dog Training TV Episode 2: Pitbulls

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About this Dogmantics episodes highlighted expert: Jessica Wheatcraft Jessica has worked with shelter dogs for over 8 years. She turned her love of dogs into a career and is a certified dog trainer with Whole Dog Training in San Diego, CA. Check out their website at….

Spot has Data trained

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Star Trek TNG – Force of Nature, Data been trying to train his cat Spot to get down from his console with little success, but Geordi remarks that Data’s training is coming along. Spot first appeared in “Data’s Day” as a male, long-haired Somali cat. In subsequent appearances, Spot was seen as a more common American short-hair orange tabby, but still as a male. It was only in the seventh season episode “Force of Nature” that Spot was first referred to as she. In “Genesis”, she even gave birth.

We Scoop-n-Walk Video | Pet Care in Chesapeake

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Filed under Pet Care Your pet is part of your life. If you are having trouble keeping up with your pet’s care, we want to help. We Scoop-N-Walk in Chesapeake, Virginia, is a pet sitting and pet waste removal service. We are consistent and reliable pet care givers. Its part of what we do. We Are the Scoop-n-Walk Foundation Our goal is to keep pets and their owners together through both their life cycles. Pet Sitting This is generally for overnight. We come and get your pet at midday for a walk and to clean up their waste. For evening, we visit at night, feed and play with your pet, and stay until morning to insure that your pet is safe and sound. At your request, we will also retrieve your mail and water any of your plants. 12523322 Dog, Pet, Poop, Walk, Walking, Scooping, Care, Chesapeake, Virginia

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