Dog Training – Introduction to cats – All About Animals TV Show

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George from Sit, Drop, Stay teaches Jake about how to introduce Candy to the foster kittens at home safely.

“Why Cats are Better than Dogs” – Henry the Cat – Toilet Trained with Litter Kwitter !

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To clean the “litter box”, all you do is flush! – Henry learned to use the toilet when he was just a tiny kitten!

Cat Skills Training Video (Pet Exercise/Workout for Fat Felines)

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For those of you who think cat’s aren’t obedient pets, here’s Boomer and I doing box-jumps and muscle-ups. This is no more “just jumping” as running is “just running”. It’s “rising up to the challenge”. It’s “the thrill of the fight”… It’s making Boomer a better, fitter, healthier, more youthful cat. Not to mention he’s getting JACKED! Hard to tell by the angle, but the jumps are about 4-5 feet, and the last few are about 6-7. It is one of my silly, little dreams to one day get Boomer in a commercial. He can do all sorts of cool stuff, like play fetch, catch, reply (meow), sing (meeeeeooooowww), reach into bags of treats and eat them with his bare paws, and more. If you or someone you know shoots pet commercials, or photo-shoots, please consider Boomer the Cat. Ummm, Headshots?

My Cat From Hell- How to Fix Cat Anxiety

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More Words of Wisdom: | Often when a cat is feeling anxious or nervous it takes refuge in its litter box. Jackson talks about the key anxiety points for cats and what you can do to help solve them.

My Cat From Hell- How to Read a Cat’s Body Language

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More Words of Wisdom: | You can tell a lot about how a cat is feeling or what it is thinking just by observing its body language. Here, Jackson talks about how you can use this information to improve your relationship.

Intelligent CATS Balance Brain Training Game

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Arrange the Cutie Cats laying on the Playground!! Balance without dropping them down!

Pomeranian (like Boo) puppies “attack” (play with) the cat!!!

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Filed under Training Cats Use the Secrets of Dog Training’s powerful insider info, to successfully train and solve your dog’s behavior problems. Anjula Pomeranian puppies “attack” (play with) our female cat Mia. The black puppy that play with the cat is Dancer – Anjula Shall We Dance.

Loving dog takes care of little boy with Down syndrome

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Dogs are truly everyone’s best friends

Teach your cat SIT – Tutorial

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Tutorial on how to teach your cat to sit on cue. Let me know how your cat is doing by using the comment section below. Look for my other videos, thanks for Subscribing and sharing my videos with your friends.

Richie 4 months

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