Sugar Gliders As Pets – Caring For Sugar Glider Is Important Subscribe to our sugar glider newsletter to learn how to properly care for your sugar bears. Sugar gliders can live to be over 12 year old in captivity but approximate 90% never live to see 1 year. Many sugar glider owners don’t properly care for their pets and learning how to do it is extremely important. Sugar gliders are very unique among some of the smaller species of pets like hamsters and gerbils. This is because they have the ability to bond with humans. This characteristic creates a situation where sugar gliders can make great pets. In addition to bonding they tend to be very gentle. Although they may look like rodents they are actually marsupials like koala bears and kangaroos. They make great pets and are relatively low maintenance. Older people often find them very appealing and sugar gliders can provide much needed companionship. Their gentle qualities make them ideal for children as well. Even children under six can handle sugar gliders with adult supervision. Kids just must be taught the correct way to handle these small and somewhat delicate creatures. They ability that sugar gliders have to bond to humans makes them very attractive as a pet. However, the most important factor to consider when acquiring a sugar glider is their age. Wild gliders tend to live in groups comprised of 10 to 15 individuals and begin to bond when they are about 8 to 12 weeks old. At this age it is instinctive for them to bond and this is the ideal age for you

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