Spaying and neutering your animals: Responsible pet care – Part 9

I found out the hard way that we should have gotten our rescue samoyed spayed as soon as we got her. We adopted a female samoyed from a lady that lives one hundres miles away from us. She told us Winnie had never had any puppies. She went through two heat cycles. About 2 months after the second one, i thought she was having another one! But I thought it was too soon. She was all swollen in her vaginal area, and had what looked like bloody pus coming out of her. I called the vet, and they said to bring her in right away, so I did. I found out she had “pyometra” which is an infection in her uteral area. I asked when she needed the operation, and how much it would cost. I almost had a heart attack when they tallied it up! This was one of those times I really wish I had vet insurance! We didn’t have the money to do it right then, so we waitied a couple months. Winnie started not eating, or running around in the yard anymore. She had no energy, and was losing weight, and we couln’t even hand feed her. She wa a sick girl. We finally got the money together to take her in to get her spayed, but by now she was so sick with infection, it was going to cost two to three hundred more dollars than we were originally told. We got her spayed, then she had to be on antibiotics for awile afterward. It was a painful experience for Winnie, and an expensive lesson for me and my husband . I realized we can’t put a price tag on the love we have for our pets. My advice to anyone who has a female dog, and she isn’t going to be bred, is to spay her as soon as possible. Apparently, Winnie had gone through so many heat cycles without having puppies, that the uterine wall lining had become thick and never came all the way out with the birth of any puppies, so it built up over years. Then she got an infection and got sick. I hope this story helps anyone who has a female dog who may be sick with this, or it prevents any female dog from getting sick with this. Please make sure you spay your dog. Save yourself and your pet the heartache, expense and pain.

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