Spaying and neutering your animals: Responsible pet care – Part 5

In working at both a veterinarians office and Animal Control ,I am a witness to the sterilization operations performed .Which for the most part are perfectly safe for your pet male or female. Yes, the operation for the females are more invasive but in a doctors’ capable hands ,they are just fine. Those doctors have put in a lot of practice and have become very capable before they became vets. In truth ,it takes many more years to become an animal vet then it does a human doctor .Ten to twelve to be exact .so rest assured your pet is in safe hands.

I can’t stress enough to you the importance to have your pet spayed or neutered either .In working at Animal Control . I saw so many unwanted pets it was heartbreaking .I would say hundreds weekly .This sadly ,is no exaggeration. I wore myself out trying to get them up for adoption and out to good homes. My co workers did the same. This required giving them shots to keep them healthy , feeding them good food , cleaning their cages and showing potential adopters the eligible pets for adoption .If they got sick we had no choice but to put them down so we were always cleaning to keep every one healthy.

There were also the lost pets ,we were always looking on the front board trying to match a face with an owner, who had come in looking for their pet .If they left a photo or a good description and I found a match ,it was a happy day for all .

Remember, one female cat can have six to eight kittens. And each one of those kittens can do the same about six to eight months later .Male cats spray and it smells bad ,when not neutered .Especially when a female is in heat. They also scream.

Dogs can have litters up to ten to fourteen puppies when not spayed. They also leave spots and act up a little more during that time. When their puppies get older they can do the same about six to nine months old depending on your dog. Dogs also have a tendency to run off and find their own mate .May be not the one you wanted for them. The vets have a shot for that problem but you have to get your dog to them with in twenty four hours I think. for it to work .Its like the morning after birth control pill for us.

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