Spaying and neutering your animals: Responsible pet care – Part 2

Every day, there are hundred’s of kittens and puppies being born. Some are purebred and sold for money, while most are not. There are so many unwanted pets in this world today and its sickening.

I adopted three cats from a no kill shelter and its mandatory they be spade or neutered. The adoption fee covers this through your vet of choice. Alot of people will look in the paper for free animals, or pay outrageous amounts of money for purebreds, when there are perfectly healthy, happy pets waiting for you to come and rescue them before they are killed.

After adopting the three cats, over the next couple of years, I took in two strays as well and had them spade, neutered and up to date on shots. If you cannot afford your vet’s fees, call the county, they know of vets that will do it much cheaper. You would give your human child(ren) all the care they needed, the same should go for your pet child(ren).

It’s a simple procedure and with any surgery for human or pet there are always risk’s, but talk to your vet about any questions or concerns you have. I used to work in a vet’s office and helped out on numerous surgeries and all came out just fine. It’s the right thing to do unless your a breeder. But with breeding your pet’s, you are then also assuming the responsibility of not just one pet, but now several.

Stop and think, would you want one of your pets or their offspring killed because no one wanted it or could not find a home?

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