Spaying and neutering your animals: Responsible pet care – Part 13

Working in a vets office, I see and hear of so many homeless animals. We could so easily stop this if people would just spay and neuter their animals. It is safe, and although their can be an occasional side effect (sometimes nuetered males are at an increase for urinary track infections later in life) it is the right thing to do for your animal.

Most people are unaware that not spaying or neutering you animal can lead to a host of problems, including cancer for both genders. Ive seen SO many females need emergency hysterectomy’s to save their life, where this would not be an issue had she been spayed. There is also a rumor that you should allow an anilam to go into heat, or even birth a litter once before you spay/nueter which is also incorrect. Actually, most doctors will recommend doing them before hand.

You CAN spay an animal too young. Quite often you will see shelters spaying at a VERY young age in order to adopt them out. This doesnt always cause issues, but it can. The typical rule is 5 months or 5 pounds.

If you are interested in spaying or nuetering your animal, and cannot afford it please consider looking into things like FOA. (Friends of Animals) These certificates come at a low cost, and most vets will participate with them as long as your animal has a current rabies vaccine.

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