Spaying and neutering your animals: Responsible pet care – Part 11

Walking into my local shelter I got chills with the dead stares coming through the eyes of these caged animals. I didn’t realize till that moment that I would be saving a life, but indeed, that’s what I was doing. I was there to save an animal from the possibility of death, not for a crime committed, but for our crime, the crime of ignorance.

It was then that I walked past the most soulful eyes I’d ever seen, sulking in the back of a cage, drawn inward, this precious female mutt. She was gazing up at me and without even thinking about it, I said this was the one. At that moment I felt good about having saved just one animal from death, but as I looked around at the countless animals left to the possibility that may never come, I truly fell apart.

We hear things all the time about puppy mills, breeders, designer dogs, and more. Yet, in these shelters sit hundreds of thousands of dogs that because of our lack of knowledge and understanding, we’ve condemned.

As dog and cat owners we should be held responsible for our lack of knowledge. Purchasing and then breeding a dog to sell, when there are so many pure breeds sitting in shelters and at rescue organizations is ridiculous. Yet, day in and out people will buy a dog that has been brought up in an environment where it’s only purpose was to mate and have more puppies to sell. It’s a big business, where a tiny designer dog can run you 6,000, just because it weighs 2 pounds and can fit in your purse.

What people need to realize is that this life of excess and ridiculous self centered breeding of dogs for their size and color and significance will never lead to anything good. People who truly want a pet know very well that they can go to any shelter and adopt one, yet they will spend thousands just to say they have “a better or the best,” dog. It’s no wonder we find new types of criminals popping up, raising dogs by the thousands in such small and filthy areas that half of the puppies die from disease and malnourishment. This is the dog you’re buying, a puppy mill dog, a dog that has been created for the “special,” dog lover. Well dog lovers, time to get a real grip on reality, because of all we do to promote the ideas of the “pure breed,” vs. the “mix breed,” we are putting countless dogs to death.

So, I propose that we neuter every and any chance we get. I think that once an owners buys a dog, it should mandatory for each person wanting to buy an animal for companionship. If the person

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