Signs a cat is in heat

Have you ever noticed your female feline friend, rubbing against everything in sight while she yowls, and howls? You might have even noticed in this period of time, that loud noises may make her hind end hit the ground while her back legs move like she’s riding a bicycle… If you have, then you have experienced her heat cycle. Now a felines heat cycle will last between 6-10 days, and they occur every three weeks between February and October (trust me, if you do not get your cat spayed, you will be praying for the end of October to arrive).

So how can you comfort your friend when she is in time of need? Well it really depends, because just like every human has their likes and dislikes, so dose each cat… My Princess White Tiger, can’t get enough love when she is in heat, she’ll sit on my lap for hours as I pet from the back of her head to the middle of her shoulder blades, I avoid going any lower than White Tiger’s shoulder blades, for she starts to “ride a bike” in my lap… On the other hand, my Queen Viper will not hear of being pet while she is in heat. Keeping Viper occupied is the only way to keep her calm, she would rather chase a string my kids drag around, or prance on the nearest mouse toy. There is another way to calm your cat’s hormones according to Pam Johnson, a feline behaviorist, and author of Twisted Whiskers: Solving your Cat’s Behavior Problems, she says that classical music, especially Mozart, will sometimes sooth a pet in heat. Now I have never tried classical music, though I do know that hard rock is not the way to go!

O.K. we know how to tell when our friend is in heat, and we also know of a couple ways to try and calm her, but how can we keep our Princess from becoming a Queen to begin with? Again this will very from cat to cat depending on age, if she’s an indoor or outdoor cat, and if you also own a male cat. The best way to keep your cat a Princess, is best said by Bob Barker, “Help control the pet population, have your pet spayed or neutered”. Though there are reasons why we would not “fix” our pets… Lack of funds is a big reason, or maybe you want to let your feline to get her “motherly instinct” out before having her spayed, what ever the reason here are two ways to help prolong her from becoming a mother. When you notice that your friend has started her cycle, give her a chlorophyll tablet, says H. Ellen Whiteley, D.V.M., a veterinary consultant and author of Understanding and Training Your Cat or Kitten, it may help cover the smell which is omitted during her heat. Though I have found that the most productive way to keep her away from males, is to place her in a room or crate, during the time when the door leading outside is most likely to be opened, with her food, water, kitty box, and a toy or two, until you feel it safe for her to come out.


The Doctors Book of Home Remedies for Cats and Dogs

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