Should we be banning certain dog breeds? – Part 1

I disagree with the banning of certain dog breeds. In my opinion it is simply a band aid. What does banning accomplish, really? There are and always will be people out there that will continue to be irresponsible dog owners. I am a pitbull owner and have been for a number of years. I live in a Canadian province in which the pitbull ban is in place. I feel that my rights as a responsible and well educated dog owner have been violated. In all the time that I have owned pitbulls I can say that not once have I had any kind of problem or out of control/negligent situation. Why? Common sense is the answer to that and it’s called responsibility. Responsibility is about accountabilty for your dog or dogs. Society tends to forget or overlook the fact which is that for years this breed has been bred to be animal aggressive. Unfortunately and sadly enough there are human beings out there that still partake and raise this breed specifically for the sickening and blood thirsty activity of dog fighting.The abuse,neglect and barbaric training methods used by people who raise dogs for fighting is just horrific.An example of some of these methods are deprivation of food and water, being beaten and deprived of any kind of humane treatment.Bait animals (other dogs or cats) are used for training dogs to fight. Yes these animals are used as live bait to further encourage the animal agressive trait that dog fighters so desire. The dogs in training are often isolated and are never socialized because deprivation of all of it’s creature comforts and living on the end of a 3 foot chain is said to produce the ultimate fighting machine.The pitbull has been a victim of human greed, ego, and bloodlust for years. These dogs are not viewed as anything other than a weapon and or piece of equipment by those that fight them. They endure horrible abuse and often die very brutal and painful deaths.Please take the time to check out this website se.html, it is just one of many that shows the reality of abuse.Please be aware that the pictures are graphic so use your own discretion. I encourage people to take a look at such sights so that they can perhaps better understand the whole picture. Again and as I said in one of my previous articles “There are no bad dogs just bad owners”. In my own opinion I feel that there are more people than dogs that should be banned. Breed specific bans don’t do anything other than to victimize and discriminate against the dog as well as the dog owner. For those of us that have chosen and or dedicated ourselves to promoting the pitbull and like such bully breeds in a more positive an open minded manner banning is nothing more than a superficial remedy or solution.

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