Should restaurants allow dogs in with their owners? – Part 8

I consider myself a dog lover. They are wonderful companions, loyal and true. But unless they are service animals, helping those people who truly require their support to survive in the world, a dog has no place in a restaurant.

Restaurants are places where human beings get together to celebrate life’s little victories, life’s big moments, and just to get out of the house and avoid cooking. Like human children, even the best trained dogs can have their moments. If I have to do battle with someone’s pooch over my dinner, I won’t be the one coming up short.

Considering all that’s going on with the Michael Vick dogfighting case, I know that my sentiments sound a bit callous. But in the long view, no matter how much I love a dog, he’s going to be just that-a dog. If someone sets a place for Fido in their own home, that’s one thing. But that someone needs to leave Fido at home when it’s time to hit the steak house, the soul-food house, or the pancake house.

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