Should restaurants allow dogs in with their owners? – Part 7

I cannot see that it would hurt for a dog to be in a restaurant. I have seen on TV where certain restaurants that were being inspected did not pass health requirements, anyway, so what would be the difference?

We do not go back to the kitchen for a tour of what is going on there when they cook the food they serve so we don’t know if they spit in the salad or what. Now, that would be nastier than having a dog sitting quietly by his owner, bothering no one. Wouldn’t it?

Service dogs are allowed and I don’t know if they would be any cleaner than just a dog. In fact, I have a friend whose service dog goes with her to eat and she has been allowed to feed it from the table, while we sat inside. Now, she could have fed him at home, knowing that we were going out to eat and taken him some home in a box. But, I can’t see that that hurt anything, either.

I really don’t think I would try to take a St. Bernard into a restaurant in that he would probably take up half the restaurant.

I say, that a well trained dog should be allowed in a restaurant but how is the manager going to know that the dog won’t sit and whine for food or bark anytime a patron happens to walk by?

Anyway, I imagine the dog would be uncomfortable being on the inside around all those people having a bite while he laid on the floor wishing for just a tidbit.

But, if it were me, knowing that I was going out, I think I would leave the dog home but, a spur of the moment deal where you already have the dog with you, yes, I would see if the dog could come in with me. I’m inclined to believe that a restaurant would not ask you to leave, just because of the dog.

Imagine this. My cousin works in a Walmart store in Florida. He says that sometimes a man comes in with a service parrot on his shoulder. In the beginning, the man showed the papers, because nobody believed him. The man was afflicted with some kind of disease and he had a sort of device in his body that only a parrot could detect if something went wrong. So, you know, for sure, that he takes the parrot into restaurants.

We eat at home with our pets hanging around, so I see no difference, in them hanging around in a restaurant.

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