Should restaurants allow dogs in with their owners? – Part 6

Throughout the time I have owned dogs, I have grown to love them. They are a member of my family. I do not have children. My current Miniature Dachshund is like a son to me. I would love to have my little guy in a restaraunt with me. However, when you say you will let dogs into your establishment, this is sure to cause a few problems. Sure having a little well trained dog in a restaurant would not be bad, but what happens when the large breeds come in? How would you like to eat dinner next to a St. Bernard? If you let one dog in, you must let them all in, from calm lap dogs to potentially hazardous Pit Bulls. You would have to give equal rights to all dog owners. The truth is that many dog breeds will not get along. Many humans have allergies to dog hair. Should those people have to suffer so that you can dine next to your favorite furry friend? Many dog’s will not be themselves when surrounded by a restaurant full of people.

Allowing dogs in with their owners would be asking for a plethora of problems to arise. For every well behaved dog in the world, there is an equally badly behaved dog. It would be impossible for all types of dogs to co-exist in a confined area. At any given time, a dog could attack another dog near them. A dog could for some unknown reason, attack a fellow patron enjoying their dinner. I love my little pooch to death, but he is still an animal, I still can not communicate with him and know exactly what he will do next.

Overall, allowing dogs into a restaurant just plain and simple would not work. There would be far more complications and problems than advantages to this idea. It is best to enjoy a home cooked meal with your furry companion and keep him or her all to yourself in the comfort of your own home.

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