Should restaurants allow dogs in with their owners? – Part 4

In spite of my love for dogs and owning one myself. I feel it would be selfish to expect everyone to think her cute enough to share in the restaurant environment. Or for patrons to expect that my dog may be sitting on the floor next to them as they enjoyed a meal. It is not what they expected as part of the ambiance.

Our busy lives has often left us out and about walking our dogs and trying to find a place to eat at the same time. There are only a few settings that it might work. An open cafe with seats away from the general public or a secluded picnic area outside of a restaurant. They may have a dog walk area as well as the option of take-out food.

For most people who are going to a restaurant for a meal they would be anticipating that it will be a relaxing environment. Without the distractions that a dog may cause. Appreciating or admiring a dog from a distance is nice, but to have one sniffing, or even an occasional bark. Would most often be considered annoying. Not to even mention, the potential for a leap on the lap of another patron. This would completely distract from their plans for an enjoyable lunch or dinner. Most certainly would be an embarrassment to a dog owner.

In addition to the distraction of a dog, is the potential of introducing other risks to patrons of the restaurant. An unexpected bite to the hand of someone who may try to pet a dog. A dog who was suddenly startled by the advances, would not only cause injury to the party, but then hold the establishment responsible. Not to mention how that might be the end of what was to be a nice evening.

Another real risk is the potential exposure to waste and the complications of its containment. This is part of the responsibility of owners with a dog in public. The Board of Health most likely would have to have in place strict parameters for “doggy diners.”

For dog lovers everywhere, there is the false assumption that everyone loves your cute little or regal big pooch. This is not always so. They are most likely only trying to be polite and can’t wait until you take- woof-woof walking.

For those patrons who may have their necessary guide dogs with them. It may work well for them to be placed in a location in the restaurant that can accommodate their needs. The reserved behavior of these trained dogs is often admired and appreciated, and most often understood by the general public.

So unless the restaurant decides to call it “The Doggy Den ” our pooches should stay at home, where they are unconditionally loved and laughed at for being so cute.

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