Should restaurants allow dogs in with their owners? – Part 3

I have just returned from spending 4 weeks in Europe, especially in Germany where dogs are allowed virtually anywhere. Yes I even saw them in the restaurant being served with silver bowls along with their owners. While I am a dog owner, and do adore my dogs, I somehow don’t feel that I would like to have my dogs in the restaurant with me. No matter how intelligent and trained our dogs are,or how intelligent we like to think they are, when it comes to wind problems, dogs just can’t help themselves. I do enjoy the smell of delicious food, and would hate any distraction to detract from the enjoyment of eating fine food at a restaurant.

What about the possibility of a dog leashes tangling around table and chair legs or even other patrons’ legs, causing accidents or damage to property and people?

Could you imagine the commotion if a dog was placed in a position where it could pull down the table onto another dog at a nearby table?

Therefore, I need to record this comment for the NO side of this debate. Sorry to all the well-trained dogs out there, and the small minority who may have excellent wind control…

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