Should restaurants allow dogs in with their owners?

NO, dogs have dog characteristics that could disrupt some normal human activities. In restaurants for instance, we just don’t know when they’d like to pee or poo. Dogs can easily do these things in the restaurant. Trained dogs that are well-behaved are maybe exceptions to the rule, but how about those who aren’t trained? If restaurants allow dogs and owners to eat there, then it should allow ALL dogs regardless of whether they are trained or untrained.

Some dogs have nasty habits especially around other dogs. Some could not get anywhere near any dog. Dog fights could easily happen with too many dogs around.

Besides, not everyone has a dog and some people are scared of dogs. So if I am one of these people who do not like dogs and are scared of them, of course, I would never, never go to this restaurant where there are dogs hanging around.

Maybe when there is a demand for such a restaurant that allows dogs and their owners to get in, then it should be so designed that there is little or no contact happening among dogs. By providing partitions or some sort of dividers between tables, maybe the dog owner can have more control over his pet dog. And I suggest that the name of the restaurant should also carry the word “dog” to warn others or inform others that there could be dogs eating inside.

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