Should pet owners be charged additional fees if they live in an apartment? – Part 1

Not everyone is able to buy a house that they like and sometimes living in an apartment suites them better. Animals are often loss in the world and sometimes cannot take care of themselves. Unlike humans, they are on their own for a will to survive. It is great that the world is filled with many animal lovers taking care of animals and helping them live a happy life.

There is no problem in living in a house, but taking care of a pet in an apartment would be a bit harder. It might cause a disturbance or something similar. Many apartment owners find that they have to do extra work with pets in the apartment. Pets owners should not be charged additional fees if they live in an apartment. Already they are taking care of another live animal and spending a lot of money for supplies to care for that animal.

Applying additional fees for pet owners in apartments would only result to pet owners not wanting a pet. This is because too much money is spent and the income is not a good amount. When you are in some bad times, others will support you and not charge extra for you to live with them so why should you do that to pet owners. Having a pet is a great deal of responsibility and getting charged extra is not a thing everyone has a mood for.

There are reasons why for pet owners to be charged additional fees and that is because there will be more cleaning to do. Other residents will file complaints and as an apartement owner, they have to come up with a solution. These would be the reasons to why pet owners living in apartments should be charged extra for many incovienences.

When a pet owner takes in a pet, it is a huge responsibility and most likely a pet owner would watch out for these things. It takes a lot of courage and responsibility to raise a pet and most likely they will do a good job. Already for survival needs to the pet owner and the pet, money must be carefully spent.

So why make their life harder than it already is when they are taking care of a pet. Adding additional fees would be a huge inconvienience. Why should pet owners pay more when they are doing something really thoughtful and something caring that most of us will not do.

If additional fees are added, less people will want to take in a pet. Many animals will be at loss in this big world where their homes could be destroyed by humans or natural disasters. As animal rescuers, it is really hard to care for multiple pets at once, and it would be up to pet owners to make this world a better place for them to live in.

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