Should pet owners be charged additional fees if they live in an apartment?

Charging pet owners a pet deposit and/ or pet rent when they live in an apartment is completely unfair and should be banned. Apartment complexes do this as insurance for them in case the animal destroys their property. According to an article by Sandra Dias on, nearly half of all renters are pet owners. Renters are often forced to get rid of their pets because either they cannot find a rental that allows pets at all, or the deposit and extra rent are too expensive. Seeing the large number of pet owners who are renting, I believe all of this pet deposit nonsense is just a ploy for the landlord to make more money.

As a pet owner myself, I know that most pet owners consider their creatures to be members of their family. They care for them the way they should and understand the precautions that are necessary to prevent their pet from “misbehaving”. Dogs and cats are the top two pets and are also given the bad rap of being destructive. Dogs are most destructive when their owners are away from home. Crating a dog is about 100% effective in preventing chewing and accidents on the rug- the two main ways dogs destroy property. Cats are known for clawing carpets and possibly having accidents on the rug. Owners of inside cats can have their cat declawed or apply nail caps to stop any clawing of rugs. To keep cats from urinating or defecating on the floor, all that has to be done is to provide them with a clean litterbox. Owners of outside cats can leave the cats outside when they are not home.

Pet-destructiveness is easily solved. Often more-so than a child’s. Imagine the outrage that would mount if a landlord charged a tenant extra because they had children. Children spill things, draw on walls, walk through screen doors, paint the rug, throw darts at the wall, etc. The obvious answer to that is to teach your children not to behave that way. What happens if a parent moves from an apartment in which their child has caused destruction? They are expected to pay for the damage. It comes out of their security deposit. Why is it different for pets? Pets can be trained. There is multi-million dollar industry focused on pet training. Just as a responsible parent should teach their children how to behave, so should a responsible pet owner.

If a pet owner rents a dwelling and they don’t train their pets and take percautions to prevent destruction, they should pay for the damages just as they would if they themselves or their children destroyed something. It is inherrently unfair for responsible pet owners to be forced to flush good money down the toilet. It is as though they are being punished for caring for a creature who is unable to care for himself. As humans, it is our responsibility to look after the animals on our planet. Pet owners open their homes to beautiful creatures, love them and care for them. This type of selflessness should be praised-not punished.

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