Should ownership of dangerous breeds of dogs be banned – Part 3

A dangerous dog is a dog who is owned by a dangerous person. No dog comes into the world vicious and mean, they are trained to be that way. Having that been said, ownership of a “dangerous breed” can not be outlawed, because if that “dangerous breed” is not there, another breed will take its place. There will always be people who decide to create aggressive dogs through violent training procedures and aggressive tactics. This will not stop with the destruction of a particular breed, only with the education of owners and the insistence on not allowing those owners known for creating aggressive dogs to own dogs.

A pitt-bull is known as a “dangerous breed” and many cities and countries have banned the breed all together, often will a kill policy regarding those dogs. What has happened in those countries and cities? The “dangerous” pitt-bull has been replaced with aggressive akita, rotties, shepards, and other types of dog. A pitt-bull if properly trained is a sweet, lovable dog who’s greatest joy in life is to cuddle and beg from his owner.

There is not one type of dog out there that seeks to cause injury, harm, or loss. There are many types of people who would seek to do those things though. Through the punishment of these people, dogs can be saved and people spared the pain of a poorly trained or aggressively trained dog. Do not ban the dog breed, but rather, ban the people from owning a dog.

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