Should ownership of dangerous breeds of dogs be banned

The ownership of dangerous dogs? What is a dangerous dog? I don’t think dangerous has near as much to do with the breed of the dog as it does with the breed of the owner. There are owners that could make a cocker spaniel a dangerous breed Conversely there are owners that have pit bulls that are real sweethearts. If an owner spends quality time with their dogs and treat them with love but also make them behave, i don;t think there is such a thing as a dangerous breed. Pit bulls have gotten such a bad reputation because of irresponsible owners. I had a very good friend that had three pit bulls and the only way they would hurt you is maybe drown you from licking and loving you. One of the males came home one day with a kitten in his mouth that had broken leg its leg. Now would a mean dog do that? In most cases it is the owners that are the problems and not the dogs.

In thirteen years of being a mailman I had a lot more problems with the small dogs than the big so called dangerous breeds. I was never attacked by a Rotteweiler or German Shepherd, but you had better keep your eyes open for the Boston Terriers and the Chihuahuas. One very important thing I found that really helps in getting along with any breed of dog is to no its name and talk to it. I pet dogs that other mailmen had problems with but I made it a point to find out the dogs name. The only dog that ever bit me was a little black and white Boston Terrier. I had a lot more problem with some of the stupid owners than I ever did with the dogs.

Now I realize that when a dog gets sick or gets rabies they can turn mean over night and become aggressive but that is not the dog or the owners fault. I had a good friend up in Wyoming that had a big beautiful white Great Pyrenees that was the sweetest dog you could ever want and one day I went by and didn’t see him so I asked Jim where Snowy was and he said that he got in a fight with a rabid skunk and attacked his wife and he had to shoot him. That is not a dangerous breed. just one of those things that happen sometimes.

In most cases it is the owners that are dangerous and not the breed of dog.

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