Should dogs that attack humans be put down? – Part 2

Dogs that attack humans should be put down, based on the nature of the event. Say a dog were to bite a person, barely breaking the skin. This dog was merely playing around. It meant no actual harm to the person, so it should simply be sent to a professional trainer, and taught to express its playfulness in other ways. Now, if a large dog were to attack a person and cause significant damage, this dog is a problem. Its intention was purely harmful. This dog needs to be put down. The owner of this dog (if said dog has an owner) also needs to be interrogated. This person is a poor owner and needs to be fined. If you cannot teach your dog obedience, then you do not deserve the dog. Odds are, this owner is either negligent, or someone that trains dogs to be violent. Any dog can be taught to control its violence. It simply needs to be taught to do so at a young age. The older the dog gets, the more difficult this task becomes.

Although it is a dogs natural instinct to attack anything that it sees as a threat, they can be taught that everything it sees as a “threat” may not be. All dogs need to be taught this lesson repeatedly when young to avoid coming upon a situation where the dog might attack a person.

Pit bulls are discriminated against because they are notorious for attacking people and animals. This stereotype is false. I have known many pit bulls to be the most loving dogs I’ve ever met. This is due to the fact that the trainer was smart, and new that the dog needed to be trained away from its instincts. As with many of the more aggressive dogs, it should never be fed raw meat. The blood triggers the instincts in its brain, and it will become more likely to attack anything that poses a threat. This dog is not only discriminated against, but it is also “put down” more often than other dogs. As soon as a pit bull bites another dog or a human, it is investigated by animal control and put to sleep. This is because people feel that pit bulls are naturally vicious dogs, so their first offense should also be their last. Like any other dog, it can be trained away from this. Simply send the dogs to a professional trainer, and have the problem corrected. If the dog were to attack a person or animal in a vicious, violent way, it should be put to sleep however. This is because this dog has probably been poorly trained, and has been allowed to exhibit its instincts before. It would be nearly impossible to correct this problem, as it would be to correct it in any other dog.

So, under the right circumstances dogs do need to be put to sleep, but only if professional trainers can determine that the dog is in an uncorrectable state of mind. If the dog can be trained to be kind, then the owner should simply be fined, and forced to pay to have the dog trained.

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