Should dogs that attack humans be put down? – Part 1

I could never bring myself to put down our dog that had been a part of my family for years now.

Pongping came to our lives some 10 years ago when he was only 3 months old. We bought him from a local vet who personally delivered the Jap Spitz after the death of a very dear beloved pet. We found the loss of the previous pet very painful so we decided to heal our heartaches by getting another dog. Pongping at first was adorable and he stayed with us inside the house like any member of the family. He changed into a fierce dog when another Jap Spitz female dog was delivered to us by a friend who wanted it to be mated with Pongping. Pongping became jealous whenever one of us would go near Bonsai, the new female doggie who was very cute and sweet. It was so easy for us to love Bonsai but of course we also loved Pongping.

I noticed that Pongping had become very, very fierce whenever Bonsai was in heat. He’d attack anyone who went near Bonsai-my children, myself, anyone. In fact there was one point when my son could not longer come inside the house because Pongping would attack him. It was at this time when my son suggested that we have him “put to sleep” as he was becoming dangerous. However, I did not have the heart to do it. I brought Pongping to the vet to have him sterilized so that his aggressiveness will at least be minimized.

Pongping had his sterilization but it did not make him less violent. After that, he’d attack anyone who came near his food, especially if he had bones around. He had bitten almost everyone in the house, including myself but still, I could not bring myself to have him put down.

I am the only one who can go near Pongping. I feed him, sometimes bathe him. He is tied and he’s around 10 years old now, already an aged dog but still barking. Does he still bite? I wouldn’t take chances. I always see to it that no one gets near him for he can still be very fierce. We just don’t know. We have decided to keep him and adjust to his temper. We try to keep people away from him.

Are we doing the right thing? I really don’t know but I think my pet dogs are just too valuable for me to ever think of putting them down even when they have attacked us.

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