Should dogs that attack humans be put down?

I think that is another one of those questions that have to be answered, it depends on the circumstances. I have some humans that I would like to attack also. If the dog is being tortured or if somebody is encroaching on a dogs property, then what can you expect? Some people think that some of these dogs can be taken out of the hostile environment and be loved and trained and they will be all right. I would like to believe that would be true in most cases and I have seen dogs that have bitten and “Attacked” humans that have been made very good pets. I probably wouldn’t hesitate to have a dog like that with responsible adults but I would be pretty hesitant to leave my children with a dog that had actually attacked a human. Here again it makes a difference if the person was just walking down the street minding their own business and were attacked, then I would probably agree that hey should be put down. But if the dog was in a fenced yard and was being harassed and or mistreated then the person was kind of asking for it. The one thing that makes it a little easier to sya yes they should be put sown is that there are so many wonderful dogs in pounds and shelters that haven’t hurt anybody that need a chance.

A lot of the so called experts in dog behavior claim that once a dog gets the taste of blood and knows that it can dominate its’ human counterparts, they should never be completely trusted again. I guess that explanation probably makes sense but I am not sure that is true in all cases. Again I think the circumstances of each case has to big taken into consideration. I mean if I had a pet dog that liked to play ball and one of the neighbors kids threw there ball over the fence and my dog got a hold of it and the kids were hitting the dog and he bit them, should he be put down? I hardly think so.

I would say that if a dog attack results in a crippling for life type injury or death the dog should definitely be put down but if they are just protecting there property or family, then I think we have to look at each individual case. I have had many dog in my life and have never had any problems but then I love my dogs and treat them right.

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