Should dogs be indoor or outdoor pets? – Part 4

Dog is a best friend of man. Dogs are obedient animals and can be trained to behave well. For as long as dogs are clean and trained to be part of the family inside the home, there is no reason why they should not be inside living with the family. Dogs should be indoor pets and should live with the family like one of them. I have a dog who acts like a child and we treated him like a child. He makes us happy as he walks around the house with us. We talk to him and play with him like he is a family member and he behaves like a little child.

Before thinking of letting your dog live inside the house though, you must make sure that your dog is free of those ticks and flea. Use a dog shampoo that kills ticks and fleas. Clean your dog as much as possible because it might cause diseases among the members of the family. It is important for dogs to be clean before being allowed inside the house for the sake of the occupants of the house. Dogs too should be trained to pee in the right place.

If your dog is clean enough to live with you in your home then there is no reason why your dog should be an outdoor pet. Dogs are better when they live with us because they make the house alive with movements and sounds. They are also fun to be with. And they could also be guards. Dogs warn us if someone has gotten inside our house. They could tell you if you are in danger or something odd is happening. This is the reason why we must let our dogs live with us.

There are many advantages of having your dog live with you. I hate looking at dogs being tied outside the house. All pets must not be tied. They must be free to roam around the house even if they are outside the house. Some treat dogs only as animals. They are left in the yard to guard the house and scare away strangers. But they are not given the right care that they deserve.

Dogs are pets but they should be treated just like any member of the family. Many dog owners now have all the gadgets for dogs which they buy for them just like their child. Dogs now have diapers, clothes, shoes, dog bags and many more things. They are like people and they need to be treated like people. Dogs have brains and they do and think as they see fit. Just like our child, we should treat our dogs fairly.

When you visit a pet shop ask the owner for some pieces of advice. You might need to know which dog is good and would fit your needs. Just be sure that you will be ready to take care of them and give them what things they deserve. And more importantly, let your dog live with you in the house.

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