Should dogs be indoor or outdoor pets? – Part 2

Dogs are wonderful indoor pets. They become part of your family. Dogs are social and need to be around you or your family whatever the set up is. Why anyone would want to get a dog and keep them outside is beyond my comprehension. What is the point? Do you really want a dog? Do you even want a pet? Dogs are indoor pets.

A dog is a beautiful loving companion. They adore you. They need to be close to you and to be part of your life. They should be socialized with as many different people and animals as possible.

Grant it some people have different needs or purposes for a pet. Some just want a dog for protection, they feel safe having them around but that does not mean they should be kept outside. Some people want a dog that loves to swim or hunt, whatever the reason or the purpose it should never be that you want to get a dog and leave them outside. How would you feel if you were left outside? What kind of life is that would be the question you should ask yourself.

Do people actually believe that they are doing a dog justice by keeping them outside? A dog may like to spend time outside, run around, play ball, go for walks or go jogging but that’s it. They need to eliminate outside and they need to go out but not stay out.

The bottom line is this if you want a dog the only place for that dog should be in your home. If you are not willing to do that than don’t get a dog. If you want a dog for a pet than understand that the dog is to be part of your life, your family. You have taken on a responsiblity and you will have a pet that will give you much love and joy all the days of it’s life. A dog becomes your best friend. They adore you and want to be with you. Dogs by nature are pack animals, when they are brought home you become and they become part of a pack.

If you don’t know much about dogs then learn about them. Understand them before you venture out to bring one home. Understand their needs and their nature. Believe me when I tell you there is much pleasure in having a dog. The pleasure comes from spending time with your dog, loving your dog and having them love you back. A dog truly is a man’s best friend, but not if you intend on leaving them outside.

If you want to build a nice place outside for your dog to spend time, some time in a nice pen to get some fresh air and run around that’s okay. That’s not what I mean by keeping a dog outside. I allow my dogs to spend time outside too actually they go in and out as they please but that is not what some people do. Some people actually leave a dog in a yard or chained up outside. They don’t want the dog in their home, that to me is wrong. So when I say a dog is an inside pet that does not mean in anyway that they should not spend some time outside. They like to outdoors but they should not be left out there. Dogs should be inside pets.

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