Should dogs be indoor or outdoor pets? – Part 1


The question as to whether a dog should be indoor or outdoor pet is important, and is dependent upon the type of dog, the nature of the outdoor location being considered, and the profile of the owner. The other factors to consider are the climate and the neighbors. Noisy outdoor watchdogs don’t make good neighbors, and severe climates are unhealthy for the dog, and will ultimately cause health problems for them.

Indoor Dogs

Dogs of every size and nature make perfect pets for someone. The trick is to take the time to discover which kind of dog would best suit a person’s nature and lifestyle before buying the puppy, or adopting the dog. All pets need to know what is expected of them, so early training will pay off big time. Small anxious dogs may not welcome visitors immediately, and large ones may catch visitors off guard by jumping up on them. Having the best time mixing company and pet dogs is the goal, and may require training beyond the good natured owner’s expertise. Indoor dogs add so much to the warmth of a home.

Kind Of Outdoor Dog

For example, a small dog such as a Pomeranian shouldn’t be a candidate for a doghouse in a big yard where wild animals might assault, it or a Red Tailed Hawk might fly by and consider it a tasty treat. There is a long list of dogs that belong in this category, and should only be considered to be an indoor pet. If the home or apartment is small, and the dog is small, there should be no problem. In addition to long walks in a park, small dogs can be paper trained, and remain household friendly.

On the other hand, there is a long list of large dogs such as Husky’s, German Shepard, and Rotweillers that might adapt well to living in a yard with a large enough doghouse for them to sleep in at night. The dog living in a yard may act as a watchdog and be a wonderful pet, and their barking may become a neighborhood nuisance. That is another aspect of outdoor pet dogs to consider, their manners. They need to be well trained.

Outdoor Environment

The size of the dog and the size of the yard considered, there is the challenge of keeping the outdoor location clean. This would be important for both owners and the dog. A source of fresh water should be constant, and the length of time the dog is left alone should be a consideration as well.


Indoor dogs get to be close with their owners and develop a kinship them that is one of the most wonderful experiences in life. Playtime happens naturally and is a source of fun and pleasure for all. Outdoor dogs remain separate physically, and perhaps emotionally, and therefore closed out of the interdependent relationship that is the best part of owning a dog.


If you want a dog, then you seek out a pet that would fit your personality and your lifestyle. Keeping a dog indoors is the only way to truly experience the joy of having them in your family. If you want a watchdog that lives in the yard, get a burglar alarm.

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