Shiba Inu Scream (+Pet Care Info)

1. When your shiba is screaming in its crate, DO NOT give it any attention. Shiba Inu’s are a very smart breed of dog and they can easily take advantage of you. 2. When with any type of puppy, keep it on a strict schedule; if it is kept on a good schedule, there will be way less pee stains to mop up. 3. In the case of an accident, DO NOT yell “BAD DOG!” or “NO!” because obviously they do not understand you. Get them distracted and take them outside right away. If you do not get there in time, keep them away from it and do not let them see you clean it up. Most breeds will percieve that as if they pee in the house, it will go away because their owner will clean it up. 4. Puppies have many problems when they are just entering their new environment. So, don’t be worried about buying a lot of medication. Puppies require a lot of attention.

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