Shaping Explained- Part 1 of Training Your Dog to Turn on a Light Switch with Clicker

Follow Jessie’s actual progress during the first steps learning to turn on a light switch. In under 4 minutes (approx. 45 clicks), she has the main idea. Have you considered training your own assistance or service dog? Or trying out a new trick to impress friends? Clicker training is the best way I have found to successfully train almost any dog. I have been asked several times for footage of a dog learning a task or being shaped for the first time so new trainers could see the actual process and know what to expect. So here it is! Lots of repetition. Note she doesn’t get clicked for any behavior she offers that I don’t want later on such as pawing, stepping on or scratching the switch plate. The only editing was for slow periods where she scrambled for food, when I repositioned myself as I was uncomfortable or when I turned on and off the camera. Subscribe to our videos to be the first to see the whole process start to finish. (Coming soon). Enjoy this educational video brought to you by Vancouver Island Assistance Dogs! Our videos are now available for puchase on CD. See our blog above.

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