Selecting a cat veterinarian

Dr. Steven was known at our veterinary hospital as the “cat vet”. He was very popular among cat owners because cats were particularly his specialty. Of course, he treated dogs as well, but he had that “special something” about treating cats that made him very requested among feline owners. Cats seemed fond of him as well, becoming calm and collaborative in his presence.

Dr. Steven owned several cats himself and not only was he fond of felines, but he also knew cats very well. He was aware ofthe many conditions cats were prone to and offered the most advanced treatments available.

I recall in particular one owner that had seen another vet in our building and seemed quite disappointed. His cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism: a condition that commonly affects cats in their older ages. He was annoyed to learn that he had to administer pills for the cat’s entire rest of his life, and knowing his cat he knew this was not going to be a pleasurable experience. When he met with Dr. Steven one day he was amazed to learn about radioactive iodine treatments. Not only would his cat no longer need to take those fastidious pills each and everyday but the cat would actually permantently heal from the debiitating disorder! He is still very thankful of Dr. Steven’s suggestion and sends him big boxes of chocolates every Christmas.

Investing in a cat veterinarian can mean a great deal for you and your cat. Cat veterinarians are highly trained vets that know cats best. More and more vet practices are offering vets that treat only cats, since cats are pretty unique in their bodily structures and minds.

Vets that treat a variety of different pets may offer a lot of expertise but may lack that individual care and that certain level of expertise that a cat only veterinarian may offer.

Not only are ” cat vets” on the rise but so are cat only clinics.

Just simply think of the benefit of your cat being much more relaxed in the waiting room as no dogs will be around causing your poor kitty’s heart to race as he gets into panic mode. Even though multi-pet clinics offer different areas in the waiting room and separate rooms for cats, cats can still see, smell and hear the dogs from a very far distance. In a cat clinic your cat not only your cat will be examined much better but he will also be more cooperative.

Do not expect though for a cat veterinarian to have a certificate hanging on the wall depicting his special knowledge and training in cat care. No boards, no

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