Relatively unknown dog products, priced between $20 and $80, that everyone should know about

Looking for a new way to spend quality time with your dog? Try Cycling!

Hitting the road with your dog just became easier with the Springer bicycle attachment.

This great gadget keeps your hands free for steering while your dog runs comfortably and safely along side your bike.

The Springer’s specially designed bar keeps your dog away from the wheels and pedals, and with the help of a spring coil it also prevents your dog from jerking the bike.

This attachment can be used on either side of your bike, and it’s adjustable according to your dog’s size and strength level, so all pups great and small can join the fun.

Remarkably, dogs learn the process within minutes when following the instructions provided.

However, I found that when training dogs to use the Springer it was helpful to first teach the dog a few basic commands also used for sledding and skijoring.

While teaching these commands understand that hearty praise works better than treats for directional calls because your dog won’t be distracted looking for a treat.

1) The On By Command

As we know there are all kinds of distractions along the road, and “On By” simply means pass by the distraction.

Begin teaching this command by using “On By” during walks. When anything catches your dog’s attention say, “On By” sternly, keep walking, and praise your dog once you’ve passed the distraction and your dog is refocused ahead.

2) Gee and Haw

Giving your dog warnings of up coming turns will make for a smoother change of direction.

To teach turn signals, keep your dog in the heel position on walks. When you go right say Gee, and call Haw for left turns. Watch your dog’s gaze. When his head move towards the direction called praise him.

3) Over

I also use the terms “Gee Over” and Haw Over” to get dogs to move over onto the grass shoulder for their comfort, or when passing pedestrians. This works on both sides of the bike since the commands are really just telling your dog to move over, not turn.

You can teach this with zig zag walks and calling out directions. Always praise when your dog moves over smoothly.

Finally, there’s no reason to teach your dog the “Get Up”/ go command because once they associate the bike with a fun run they will be ready to get up and go.

As your dog’s guide remember it’s your responsibility to assure safety for all. Wear a helmet, always be alert to distractions, and respect your dog’s limitations.

Your dog will truly appreciate this workout that can only compare to a free run in the dog park

The Springer can be purchased online for $48.00 plus tax and shipping at.

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