Reading Dog Food Reviews for Proper Pet Care Why is there a need to read dog food reviews? For one, it is a good way for you to make comparisons between different commercial dog food products. There are several brands in the market and each one will advertise that they have the best one. Aside from trying it on your pet yourself, the only way to find out if a product is as good as it says is by reading the testimonials of people who have already purchased it. From their feedback, you can at least have an idea on what commercial dog food product you wish to try. It can be said that people who take the time to read dog food reviews are the same owners who treat their pets as de facto members of the family and as such are entitled to proper nutrition and health care. Dogs have always ranked as man’s favorite pet and have been for hundreds of years. From being guardians of homes, guides to the blind, sniffers of bombs, trackers of convicts or just a child’s playmate, dogs have given justice to the phrase, “man’s best friend”. It is therefore the owner’s duty to provide the proper meal to keep his pet in peak health. There is a common misconception that it is alright to feed a dog human food. While sometimes it may just seem that dogs eat anything given to them, it is important to note that they have a different genetic makeup than humans and as such, have different dietary requirements. From the knowledge gained on reading dog food reviews

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