Puppy potty training 101 – Part 7

People bring puppies into their lives for many reasons, but some, unfortunately, don’t properly research the foundation of responsible training for a well-mannered companion. It is important to remember that once you bring your puppy home they will need your constant guidance. Patience and persistence is key to teaching your puppy that outside is a more sanitary bathroom area than the floor of your home.

Puppies need us to tell them what to do, how to do it, and when. We are their leaders. You must make the time to show them that they can trust you, so they will follow your commands. This will help with all aspects of training.

It’s not uncommon for a responsible pet owner to wake up periodically throughout the night to comfort their new puppy, and take them out to a designated area outside. Puppies will typically whine and whimper because they miss the warmth of their pack and the closeness they had once felt. So, this is a great time to reassure them, and it is the ideal time to take them out to begin associating the ground, grass or dirt, as a proper place to potty.

This will teach your pup to properly use the bathroom at the beginning of the developmental stages of bladder control, which they do not gain until four months of age. It also provides a regimented schedule to help in the beginning phase of training. Dogs like structure; they thrive off familiarity. By keeping bathroom breaks, mealtime, and sleep time consistent, it will make the bonding relationship between you and your growing pup much stronger as well as your life more manageable.

A stable and disciplined schedule will also provide them confidence and the ability to become, not only a well-mannered canine, but also a best friend. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when focusing on puppy potty training.

Frequent Bathroom Breaks Are a Must

To potty train a puppy, it is important to take them outside to urinate every four to five hours, even during the late night and early morning hours. It is nice when you have a partner because this can get very old, very fast. Stand with them until the task is complete. Give a command of “Potty,” or “Use the Bathroom” so they learn a word command. Remember: You did not wake up for a cold morning stroll just to come back inside to later clean up a mess.

Crate Training Is a Great Tool and Your Pups “Safe Place”

If you are kennel training, which I highly recommend, take them outside to use the bathroom each time you let them out of the kennel;

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